Large Taxpayers Office (LTO):

The Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) is responsible for the administration and collection of tax and Non-Tax Revenue for the government of Afghanistan.  Revenue is used to fund the implementation public infrastructure, including the construction of roads, schools, health facilities and the provision of basic social services including health, education and government.

During the past 10 years, with the support of donor community, considerable gains have been made by the ARD in its ability to collect tax revenue.  These efforts include a wide range of reforms and restructuring within ARD, particularly the segmentation of the taxpayers into Large, Medium and Small groups and the rollout out these offices to regional provinces. 

The professionalization of the tax service is a key priority for ARD.  This includes a reorganization of the Tashkeel based on simplified and improved business processes.  The computerization of the tax service will assist in streamlining business processes and maintaining accurate tax records.  ARD intends to implement the Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS) to automate current processes.  A strong motivator for the introduction of computerization is the opportunity to reduce the potential for corruption.


Mr.Abdul Habib Zadran

Director of Large Taxpayers Office (LTO)


Mr. Abdul Habib Zadran has broad experience in Management, finance, accounting, procurement, banking and donor relations, having filled a number of roles for the Government of Afghanistan, donors and Private Sector. He is graduated from the University of Punjab, Pakistan and then obtained his Masters (MBA) with specialization in Finance.  His Background in Finance has taken him from working as a business administrator for Siemens Afghanistan, Chief of Staff and Director of Finance and Procurement for the Independent Board of Kabul New City  and many other international companies and organizations to Head of Projects Devlepoment and Senior Advisor to Director General of Budget, Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

Mr. Zadran has also served as the Leading Advisor of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) acting as the Chief Financial Officer for the Independent Board of Kabul New City development,  member of general operations team in a commercial bank and some other multinational companies.

To attract investment and support of Donors, Mr. Zadran has represented its relevant organizations in several international conferences, seminars and interacted with international donors (i.e. JICA, ADB, USAID, World Bank, KOIKA, IDB etc). His expertise in Public Financial Management (PFM) of the Government of Afghanistan is highly notable.

Mr. Zadran is currently serving as the Director of Large Taxpayers for Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

Value Added Tax (VAT):

This Law has been enacted pursuant to Article 42 of the Constitution of Afghanistan in order to provide for the collection of Value Added Tax.

“Value Added Tax”: An indirect tax imposed on a supply of taxable goods, services and imports;