At the beginning of financial year (1397), General Directorate of Revenue has planned to named the first week of this year by the name of (Taxation Week), the aims of this week are:
1. To raise the awareness level of taxpayer’s according to taxation laws (taxation affairs administration law, income tax law).
2. Providing explanations regarding the types of taxes, its norms, the payment period and the types of tax returns such as rental services, contractors, employers, business receipt and annual income tax returns.
3. Creating a relationship between taxpayer’s and revenue (tax) department.
At the beginning Ms. Amina “Ahmadi” MTO director said that: “this is a positive step for taxpayer’s to raise the awareness level regarding taxation and ensuring that all criticisms of the unions, coordinated agencies, and institutions that occurred during 1396 financial year in revenue department to be heard from them and based on their ideas and suggestions to bring amendment in procedures, working policy and tax collection to be considered in 1397 financial year.
Later on Mr. Mohammad Anis “Panah” director of provincial liaison clarified conducting of taxation week of (1397) financial year.
In this week the achievement of ARD (1396) financial year, public awareness plan and to raise the obedience level of taxpayer’s in center (Kabul) and provinces.
At the meeting, members of the unions, coordinating agencies, institutions were participated.