The Small Taxpayer’s department or Central Zone ARD has achieved the revenue target of 1396 H.S year, the target was 3 billion, 300 million (3300000000) Afs, but the Small Taxpayer’s directorate have achieved 3 billion, 322 million (3322991521) Afs, as the STO directorate have collected 22 million Afs more than the planned target.
In the achieving ceremony of revenue target the DG of Afghanistan Revenue Department Abdul Habib “Zadran” thanked the whole team of STO for achieving the revenue target on time.
Zadran added in his speech: “the achieving of revenue target and the collection of taxes shows that the taxpayer’s have increase their flexibility rate and we are trying to provide them better and online services, the implementation of SIGTAS system in all financial (revenue) departments, simplification of tax procedures and transparency in administrative affairs”.
Subsequently! The director of Small Taxpayer’s Organization STO Habibullah Amin “Andar” added that: “we are committed to our responsibility and department, and we have proved to that our promises are faithful”.
Andar added that: we believe in our personal and team workers the achieving of this revenue target is the result of our experienced and professional workers.
It’s worth mentioning that STO is the organization that complete plan and revenue target every year and compared to the previous year of 1395, STO has 22% more revenue collection in 1396.