The medium taxpayer’s department ARD have achieved the revenue target of 1396 H.S year, the target was 13 billion, 943 million (13943886552) Afs, but the medium taxpayer’s have collected 14 billion, 421 million (14421794088) Afs, and they have collect 477 million Afs more than the target which were planned.
At the achieving ceremony of revenue target for MTO the General Director of ARD Abdul Habib “Zadran” thanked the whole team (employees) of MTO that they have achieved their planned target and also expressed his interest that the taxpayer’s have increase the flexibility rate.
Zadran said: “this is the tax which we have gained from taxpayer’s in the result of implementing SIGTAS system, providing electronic services, simplification of tax procedures and transparency in administrative affairs.”
After that Ms. Amina “Ahmadi” the director of medium taxpayer’s department talked and said: “we have fulfilled our commitment and it’s a great achievement of our experienced and professional staff that we have achieved it, and it’s committed that if God’s willing (ان شا الله) we will achieve the above target of this in future.”
It is worth-mentioning that MTO has been achieving the planned target each year and this year have somehow collected more than that.