On Nov/28/2017 meeting of ARD representatives with the provincial colleagues under the authority (chairmanship) of Muhammad Anis “Panah” director of Provincial Liaison in the presence of Muhammad Saleem “Kashaf” director of Revenue Systems and Abdul Dayan “Fayez” director of Plan and Policy General Directorate of Revenue, with the mastofees and sub-directors of revenue from Kandahar, Faryab, Nimroz, Zabul, and Panjsher was held at the conference hall of revenue and customs.
The aim of this meeting is the better collection of taxes, eliminate revenue rejection, harmonization of performance between 1st and 2nd grade provinces and co-ordination with the provincial colleagues.
At the end of this meting mustofees and sub-directors of revenue talked about tax collecting, lack of income in income plan, obedience level of provinces, capacity level of provincial staff, problems and challenges were discussed and the way of solutions was provided by provincial liaison directorate.