The launching of SIGTAS system new application in STO (small taxpayers organization)

On 11/10/2017 date, SIGTAS system new application was officially launched in STO in the presence of Directors, sub directors general managers, mangers and local staff.

In the inauguration of this system  Mr. Mohammad Saleem “Kashaf” director of Revenue system directorate talked about the benefits of this application that: “this system has been created to facilitate financial services in tax organizations, with the help of this system all the tax forms, letters, notes and decelerated label can be printed quick and perfectly”.

Meanwhile He also added that the Revenue System Directorate will bring new changes in system for taxpaying and tax administration in the near future.

Subsequently, the director of small taxpayers Mr. Habib ullah Amin “Andar” congratulate revenue system directorate for their achievements and he added that: “the problems we had in past will be solved with help of this system.

It is worth mentioning that the revenue system directorate has already implemented this application in LTO (large taxpayer’s organization) and MTO (medium taxpayer’s organization) and present it to work.