The inauguration of Call Center in ARD

26 September 2017

The ARD (Afghanistan Revenue Department) of Ministry of Finance inaugurated a call center to provide better services for taxpayers in the presence of Dr. Najeebullah “Wardak” deputy minister of Finance, Abdul Habib “Zadran” the general director of ARD, representatives of private sectors, international donors, and employees of ARD and media during a press conference.

The center, which provides taxpayers with better services, taxpayers’ problems, complains and suggestions are heard every day from 8 am to 5 pm and are shared with authorities. The center has been funded with the assistance of the United States Agency International Development (USAID) in a modern form and professional people are recruited in.

Dr. Najeebullah “Wardak” in the opening remarks said: “We are committed to bring reforms in equip the departments with modern technology. With establishing this center, another step was taken to reform. By opening of this center, communication with taxpayers and national traders will be conducted through a single window.”

Meanwhile Abdul Habib “Zadran” gave his speech and added: “we struggle to decrease the physical coming of taxpayer to tax-office and with establishing of systems, give better services and through this way, we can prevent corruption.”

Mr. Paul “Sisk” USAID representative said: “Public Awareness is very important. Opening this center is a great achievement that has reformative aspect.”

Mr. Khan Jan “Alokozay” Chamber of Commerce Acting Director said: “The Ministry of Finance shined well, the opening of the center for business and private sector is a good message.”

He added: “to the extent that the technical sections are strengthened, corruption is reduced and we are always co-operating with the Ministry of Finance.”

It is worth mentioning that the taxpayers could make complains, suggestions and demands through the following numbers:

Main contact number: 0755840111

1st sub-contact number: 0755840112

2nd sub-contact number: 0755840113

3rd sub-contact number: 0755840114

4th sub-contact number: 0755840115

5th sub-contact number: 0755840116