An awareness seminar was held by ARD and ACD in the Conference Hall of Customs and Revenue on Feb 9th, 2016.

In this programme ACD DG Sayed Abdurahman Saeed and Khan Jan Alokozai Assistant Director of Chambers of Commerce had participated.

At the beginning Mr. Saeed the ACD DG welcomed the participants and added that he was happy that he worked with them together.

Our goal is establishment of a transparent policy and compliance whereas law is implemented alike in all of the departments. Similarly, he added that in case of establishing facilities for our traders we will be able to increase the level of commerce and investment in the country.

Subsequently, Mr. Alokozai talked about the liabilities of traders and said that the Ministry of Finance has some achievements recently which include the inauguration of SIGTAS in Kabul and some provinces.

At the end, the assistant director of Chambers of Commerce appreciated the international friends. Mention worth that 12 such other awareness sessions will take place in Kabul and on provincial level by the financial cooperation of USAID.