Meeting of the Executive Committee ARD, due to Appreciate the Functions of  Revenue and Customs Department Staff.

December/26/2017 This meeting was held under the authority of Dr. Najib ullah “Wardak” Deputy Minister of CRD with the participation of General Directorates of Revenue and Customs and the other […]

A Positive Step toward Facilitating Taxpayers through Tax Week.

At the beginning of financial year (1397), General Directorate of Revenue has planned to named the first week of this year by the name of (Taxation Week), the aims of […]

Celebration of Achieving the Revenue Target in Small Taxpayer’s Directorate.

December/23/2017 The Small Taxpayer’s department or Central Zone ARD has achieved the revenue target of 1396 H.S year, the target was 3 billion, 300 million (3300000000) Afs, but the Small […]

Medium Taxpayer’s Directorate (MTO) Celebrates the Achieving of Revenue Target

December/21/2017 The medium taxpayer’s department ARD have achieved the revenue target of 1396 H.S year, the target was 13 billion, 943 million (13943886552) Afs, but the medium taxpayer’s have collected […]

The Implementation of E-Tax forms for 60 Nonprofits Institutes was held at the Main Office of Akbar Institute.

In this ceremony Ms. Amina “Ahmadi” director of MTO, representative of revenue systems directorate and the number of representatives of private institutes were also participated. The director of MTO said: […]

Conducting the Conference of Executive Directors and Exhibition in Sirina Hotel Kabul due to Awareness from Afghanistan Revenue Department (MoF).

December/19/2017 The general directorate of revenue (MoF) provided awareness about the amendment of taxation laws and procedures to the exhibitors at the exhibition, the awareness was provided through the printed […]

The Ministry of Finance Received Incentive 46 Million US$ With Implementing Administrative Reforms In ARD The Contribution of International Donors to Implement the Reforms in Administrative Departments Pledge Incentive US$ 46 Million Dollars with Ministry of Finance

December, 17, 2017 The Ministry of Finance with international donor countries and organizations evaluates the overall commitments of Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) is establish and conduct with the technical assessment […]

The general directorate of revenue has provided better services to taxpayer’s in order to provide on line tax returns, as they (taxpayer’s) need each kind of tax form they can […]

Deputy Minister of CRD and DG of ARD met the donors Institutions.

December/05/2017 Following weekly meetings between senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and the heads of institutions donors, the meeting was about the reforming process of revenue management (focusing on […]

It’s brought to the attention of all US and NATO military contractor and sub-contractor which have been operating under the diplomatic memorandum (202) dated May/28/2003 and Military Technical Arrangement (MTA) […]

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