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    Distribution of tax identification number in tax offices


    In continuation of reforms to provide facilities and better services to taxpayers, Afghanistan Revenue Department has begun the process of taxpayer identification number (TIN) distribution in Kabul tax offices. Therefore, individual taxpayers who need Tax Identification Number (TIN) can refer to below-listed tax offices and obtain Tax Identification Number(TIN):
    1- The first tax office, situated at Cinema Pamir building
    2- Second tax office, besides Ghanizada Plaza
    3- The third tax office, inside the third municipal district
    4- The fourth tax office, inside the fourth municipal district
    5- The fifth tax office, inside the fifth municipal district
    6- The sixth tax office, inside the sixth municipal district
    7- The seventh tax office situated on Darulman road
    8- The eighth tax office, on the second street of Kart-e-Naw
    9- The ninth tax office, inside the STO office
    10- The Tenth tax office, on Paykob Naswar street
    11- The Eleventh tax office, inside the 11th municipal district
    12- The thirteenth tax office, inside the thirteenth municipal district
    13- The Fourteenth tax office, inside the 14th municipal district
    14- The Fifteenth tax office, located on Khawaja Boghra
    15- The Sixteenth tax office, inside the MTO office
    16- The Seventeenth tax office, inside Sokok printing building
    However, companies (legal entities) can go to the TIN Distribution Office located in the General Directorate of Central Registration and Intellectual Property or to the Head office of TIN to receive TIN number.
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