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    GMAF Indicator 20
    Date: 29 Nov, 2020

    Benchmark DescriptionStatusProgress in 2020
    GMAF 20.1: Preparation and endorsement of the report on the progress of implementation of existing recommendation of the Joint Taxation Working Group by early 2019.AchievedThe development partners approved the report on the implementation of existing recommendations of the JTWG on February 25th, 2020. The approval of the report was conditional to further discussion of four additional recommendations of MoF.
    GMAF 20.2: The Joint Taxation Working Group reviews and updates by mid-2019 the existing recommendations building on findings of the progress report and proposes new recommendations within the framework of existing bilateral agreements and agreements on a standard reporting template by the end of 2019. Recommendations are approved by all development partners.In ProgressThe JTWG started discussions to revise and update the existing recommendations in June 2020. 
    GMAF20.3: Individual reporting by development partners and international agencies takes place one month prior to annual Development Cooperation Dialogues (DCDs) starting in 2020.AchievedThe annual meetings of Development Cooperation Dialogue (DCD) were conducted with almost all of the development partners started from June 29th ,2020 and completed by July 19th, 2020. 

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