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    contact list of Sub-directors and general managers of Small Tax Office (STO) and 21 District general manager and Addresses
    No Name  Tax District  Email Contact No Office Address
    1 Ahmad zobair North Zone Sub Director
    Small Taxpayers Office
    momandzubair@yahoo.com 700232330 Small Tax Office, Kabul Jalabad Road
    2 Sharifullah South Zone Sub Director
    Small Taxpayers Office
    mohmand_sharif@yahoo.com 747096657 Small Tax Office, Kabul Jalabad Road
    3 Abdull Ahad General Manager of the first tax district abdullahadahadi1@gmail.com 779797696  Sinama Pamir, First District
    4 Mohammad Jawaad General Manager of the second tax district jawad.zargar6@gmail.com 799075269 Deh Afghanan, Joishir
    5 Amanullah General Manager of the Third tax district saraj647@gmail.com 779696741 Dehbori Squire, Inside 3th Municipality District
    6 Bahaador khan General Manager of the Fourth tax district ندارد 799016579 Guli Sorkh Squire, Inside 4th District
    7 Farhadullah General Manager of the Fifth tax district farhadullahfaryabi@gmail.com 773135144 Khush hal Khan mina, Inside 5th Municipality District
    8 Naqeebullah General Manager of the Sixth tax district naqib.moel@gmail.com 772848780 Puli Surkh Squire, 6th municipality District
    9 Wahidullahه  General Manager of the Seventh tax district waheedullah571@gmail.com 729481347 Alawdin Squire, Chilcy Plaza
    10 SafiullahGeneral Manager of the Eighth tax district safullah.faizi98@gmail.com 700600163 Among 2 to 3th Cartinew, 8th District
    11 Hamidullah General Manager of the Ninth tax districtelham.elham24@gmail.com 767444500 STO, Kabul lalabad Road
    12 General Manager of the Tenth tax district Among Gul Sorkh and Tarrafic Squire
    13 Mohammad Afzal General Manager of the Eleventh tax district afzalhabibi786@gmail.com 786754754 Khair Khana 1th Section 11th municipality District
    14 Hasan khan General Manager of the Twelfth tax district hassankhan01972@gmail.com 796441212 Mahbas Squire, Arzan Qimat, Inside 12th District
    15 Abdull jabarGeneral Manager of the Thirteenth tax district ندارد 700246526 Dasht e Barchi, Inside 13th municipality District
    16 Ghafoor Ahmad General Manager of the Fourteenth tax district ab.ghafoorahmad@gmail.com 749895095 Inside Paghman District
    17 Ahmad Tawaab General Manager of the Fifteenth tax district waheedamiri1312@gmail.com 781648090 Gulsorkh Squire, Next to Amarat Mobl and Farniture
    18 Ezatullah General Manager of the Sixteenth tax district ezat_afhan007@yahoo.com 786219965 Makroyan Kona, Inside LTO
    19 Baqaa-U-din General Manager of the Seventeenth tax district ندارد 777541054 Sarai Shamali Squire, Inside Sokok Printing Press
    20 Mohammad Saber General Manager of the Eighteenth tax district mohammadsaber.afroz@gmail.com 775050403  Deh Sabz, Inside Deh Sabz District
    21 Saeed naseer General Manager of the Nineteenth tax district nasir.nazif24@gmail.com 700829490  Deh Sabz, Inside Deh Sabz District
    22 Jomah Khan General Manager of the Twentieth tax district ندارد 700025074 Inside Chahar Asyab, 20th District
    23 Salim popal General Manager of the Twenty-One tax district saleempopal@yahoo.com 700281669 Inside Bagrami, 22th District