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    World Bank IP-DPG Benchmarks

    Date: 6 Apr, 2020

    BenchMark Description Status Progress in 2020
    To facilitate e-payments, the ATS and APS are fully integrated and functional with ASYCUDA, SIGTAS, and the core banking system / DAB.
    In Progress The ARD already shared the information and data with the APS, currently its under testing. Initially with do interface with ASYCUDA and then with SIGTAS.
    The ATS is still pending, they mention “that our vendor is in lockedown to give us the timeline”.
    To support private sector development ARD will begin issuing digital tax clearance certificates which will be electronically transferred to ACBR for use in processing business licenses renewals. In Progress The digital tax clearance certificate will be implement from 2nd or 3rd quarter of FY 1399.
    To improve tax administration ARD issues a circular mandating e-filing for all large taxpayers and selected sectors in MTO and STO In Progress It’s a continue process:
    The SLTO currently 100% implementing the E-filling system for submission of Tax return and tax filling.
    The E-filling as well has been extended to the MTO (7 Sectors) where Education, Health, Tourism and Hotels sectors 100% implementing the E-filling and by end of FY 1399 will implement in all 7 sectors; and STO Traders (30-50million afs) 100% implemented the E-filling system, it will be as well extend to implement Health (doctors) and property owners to implement the E-filling system.
    Improve Number of Active Taxpayers:
    • Tax/ GDP to 11.60.
    ARD Re-Org: Phase 2- Kabul+2 other regional revenue offices.
    • Active Taxpayers:
    LTO 306;
    MTO 8,400;
    STO 5,150.
    • Preparatory work to develop business processes and implementation finalized.
    In Progress The active taxpayers of SLTO who regular filling their tax returns based on the 1398 is 860 taxpayers, MTO-7900, STO- 4890 respectively.
    The VAT team currently working on the VAT manual, procedures and business process.

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