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    Tax Accountants

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    Tax Accountants’ List

    No Name F/Name Education Contact No Email Address Photo
    1 Sarajulhaq Murad Khan Master in business and Administration 777202042 info@staicha.af
    2 Abdul Qadir Gul Mohammad Bachelor in Economy 730972727 Haqmal818@gmail.com
    3 Aimal Said Alam Bachelor in Law 788806666 emal@fairtaxint.com
    4 Abdul Wahab Aizat Gul Bachelor in Accounting 780770864 wahab6011@gmail.com
    5 Arash Kaka Khan Master of Economy  797732718 info@sahebe.com
    6 Abdul Ghafar Abdul Jabar Bachelor in Economy  775008616 qayoumi@yahoo.com
    7 Laal Agha Saleh Mohammad Bachelor in Economy  783093019 lalaghasalehi@gmail.com
    8 Obaidullah Abdul Raouf Master in Business and Administration 782222033 obaid.taib547@gmail.com
    9 Safiullah Zaman Master of Economy  704030778 Safiullah.seraji92@gmail.com
    10 Khaja Abdusamad Khaja Mohammad Bachelor in Economy  780020813 samad3167@gmail.com
    11 Abdul Farid Amanullah Bachelor in Law 798125078 farid.rahmani10@yahoo.com
    12 Abdushokor Abdul Qahar Bachelor in Economy  784522870 asazizi.1362@gmail.com
    13 Lala Agha Gul Ahmad Bachelor in Economy  700163103 lalaaghamunib@gmail.com
    14 Shaperay Said Abdul Bachelor in Economy  799661150 sadatsultani73@gmail.com
    15 Naqibullah  Mohammad Anwar Bachelor in Law 789061001 lalmawal@hotmail.com
    16 Abdul Nasir Abdul Bashir Master in Business and Administration 729242500 naseer.mudasir@gmail.com