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    The deadline for additional tax payments exemptions ended!


    Dear taxpayers, we would like to inform you that the time set for preventing the additional payment for not submitting tax return forms, the due date for submitting the annual tax return form for the fiscal year of 1398, the BRT form of the first quarter of the fiscal year 1399, the additional payments on not submitting documents for audit, Payment of Fix tax for the first quarter of fiscal year of 1399 and the wages withholding tax form and rent withholding tax form of the month of Hout 1398 and month of Hamal 1399, which were extended until the 31st Sawr of 1399, have ended.
    Therefore, taxpayers who have not been able to submit their tax forms at the mentioned time are asked to submit their tax forms and pay their tax liabilities in order to avoid additional payments for late filing and late payment of tax, which is calculable from 1st Jwaza, 1399 .

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