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    International Finance Advisor /Technical Support Advisor


    2 December 2019

    About Ministry of Finance:


    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Cabinet Council passed the SOC Law within 7 chapters and 51 articles in the cabinet meeting dated 14/06/1397. So, The Ministry of Finance in particular the SOEs and SOCs Directorate General along with other stockholders is responsible for the efficient implementation of the law across the whole portfolio of 35-SOEs and 14-SOCs as soon is enacted.

    The need for International Advisor arisen when the SOC law implementation is comprehensive and contain multitasking reform process such as, Introduction of SOCs Management Boards and Executive Committees, Updating of SOC Charters. SOEs and SOCs Status changes contain many other Financial and accounting reforms such as the main ones: Gap analyses of Current Financial Practice, Replacing of Current practice with Centralized and Comprehensive FMIS/ERP. Technical Advise on Revaluation of SOEs/SOCs Book of Accounts, contribute in Financial and Accounting issues of the Status Change process. It is clear that capacity building and possible structural reform within the SOCs and SOC General Directorate of the Ministry of Finance would yield better results, both in the operation and contribution to mitigating the fiscal risk from the SOCs. 

    Job Summary:

    The primary objective of the International Business Development Advisor assignment is to help in the status change and reform process of the government-owned commercial activities –the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and State-Owned Corporations (SOCs).

    Skills Required:

    Technical Knowledge

    Requires travel to provinces:


    Skills Description:

    Candidates with a proven track record in supporting the implementation of a new FMIS – especially the tasks listed above – will be preferred.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    The Advisor would report to the Oversight Board and SOC Director General and liaise with stakeholders responsible for SOCs reform and SOC Law implementation

    The main scope of the assignment is to deliver timely financial guidance, technical analyses and advisory services in the fields of finance, accounting and reporting. Essentially the tasks denoted in the deliverable part. Also to work collaboratively with SOECs General Directorate as per the New SOC Law guidelines, with existing material and stakeholder consultation to support SOC law implementation, status change and package of financial reforms in the commercial entities of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

    1.     Deliverables:

    The International Finance Advisor is responsible for delivering of the following tasks within six month of its contract with SOECs Directorate General of MoF. 


    Title of the Deliverable

    % of the Task

    No. Working days


    2. Review and analyse the financial statements of the SOCs and draft Sample CoA and synchronize them with Financial Statements and FMIS/ERP. Give advice on their standardization per GAAP and IFRS.


    18 Working days

    Preparing detailed financial and ratio analysis format for Annual Financial Statements Supervision and Assessment of SOEs and SOCs for onward use of Financial Supervision Unit of SOEC General Directorate.


    18 Working days

    3. Advise and prepare instruction plan for replacing the existing manual financial accounting and reporting systems (paper-based ) with creating of an online Centralized FMIS/ERP to achieving financial monitoring, social and economic objectives; provide the way for sharing on time information with SOEC GD and related government authorities.


    18 Working days


    4. Help in the Status change process of SOCs on Accounting and Financial technical side such as financial analyses of portfolio, financial advisers on merger, liquidation, finding net worth, preparing indicators for finding the fiscal Risk of SOCs.


    54 Working days

    Help in the Status change process of SOCs on Accounting and Financial technical side such as financial analyses of portfolio, financial advisers on merger, liquidation, finding net worth, preparing indicators for finding the fiscal Risk of SOCs.


    54 Working days

    Review SOEs’ fixed assets records, Prepare a Standard Fixed Asset Register and give advice on any necessary adjustments (e.g. revaluations aligned with agreed accounting standards).


    18 Working days

    Prepare a financial control system for SOEC to enable automatic monitoring of SOEs and SOCs Financial transactions. e.g. to enable SOEC for monthly and quarterly SOEs and SOCs financial supervision and Bank reconciliation. For verifying that statutory payments including, taxes and dividends are made on time.


    18 Working days

    Supporting SOEC management in planning and managing the transitions from implementation of these changes to continuing operations in the new environment.


    9 Working days

    finding out the deficiencies of Finance and Accounting staffs of SOEC and SOCs and advising on courses for capacity building such as book-keeping, financial accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Statement analysing, budgeting, and compliance.


    9 Working days

    Advise SOEC on how to monitor SOEs and SOCs with obligations to prepare properly Annual Financial Statements and other supporting documentation such as Bank Reconciliation Statements on quarterly bases.


    9 Working days

    Guide and Instruct local Finance consultants and SOEC Finance staffs. Also any other tasks as the Oversight Board and SOEC Director General may advise in writing from time to time.


    9 Working days

    Job Location:

    Afghanistan, Kabul


    Must be empanelled with ACCA or any other region country’s Chartered Accountants Body for not less than five years.

    Must have carried out minimum 10 years professional services in the fields of financial accounting, analysis and reporting for commercial entities. Specific experience with government-owned commercial activities is desirable but not essential.

    The Advisor’s will be contracted for duration of 6 months from the first day of signing the contract. The Contract covers 180 days of working days. The contract may be extendable based on the performance and needs of the mission on mutually agreed terms.

    The duty station of the Advisor would be SOEC General Directorate-Kabul, but some travel to Provinces will probably be needed.

    Job Keywords:

    International Finance Advisor

    Submission Guideline:

    Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their CV with a detailed application letter and a contact details, no later than  16 December, 2019 to below e-mail.

    Please clearly indicate “position name vacancy number in the subject line.

    Please do not attached your education and working experience document

    Submission Email: