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    Notice Regarding Tax Accountants

    According to Article (33) of the Tax Law Administration, all tax accountants who provide consulting services for taxpayers, preparation of tax documents, calculation and other tax services in tax affairs, must be registered with (ARD) and have a tax accountant license.
    Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) of Ministry of Finance intends to start the process of registering tax accountants and the sixth period of issuing licenses for them.
    For this reason, those who have the following conditions should refer to the official Facebook pages or the website of the Ministry of Finance or the (ARD) until 22/01/2023 or register online by pressing the link below.
    The Tax Accountants Registering Conditions
    In addition to the first paragraph of Article (33) of the Tax Law Administration, the following conditions must also be considered for the registration of a tax accountant:
    • A person must be obligated in legal matters;
    • According to the educational documents, he has at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields of economics, accounting, law, business administration and (ACCA);
    • A person not be an official and current employee of the government;
    • He has not been found guilty by the court;
    • The person does not have other personal companies to avoid conflict of interest.
    Questions of exam
    (1) tax laws, income tax guidelines, tax administration guidelines and such tax regulations, procedures and general rulings;
    (2) basic principles of calculation;
    (3) commercial calculation;
    (4) managerial accounting;
    (5) financial accounting;
    (6) Capital and companies law, commercial laws and other laws.
    For more information, you can contact below number and email address!
    Contact number: 0202924915
    Email Add: obaid.arabzai@mof.gov.af