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    Al-Hajj Shir Mohammad Mushfiq

    The Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) fully assumes its role of promoting Afghanistan’s National Vision 2025, aimed at achieving sustainable economic development, through our own national resources under the leadership of His Highness Ameer-ul-Momineen Sheikh Habatullah Akhundzada, may Allah Rab-ul-Izzat (Jal Jalalaho) protect him. Accordingly, the ARD is striving to carry out the tasks that will facilitate the implementation of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan’s fiscal policy, in order to increase the state’s revenues and support the desired economic diversification for future generations.
    The ARD undertakes its tasks based on good governance and transparency, as well as close partnerships with all relevant sectors, for performance excellence.
    With regard to the required governance and transparency, the ARD will implement all necessary means to increase the tax awareness of the taxpayers and the public, and provide them with all necessary information and full details. One of the ARD’s top priorities is to assist taxpayers, facilitate procedures to promote and monitor tax compliance, and establish principles of governance and transparency across the board.
    On the other hand, countering suspicious transactions and tackling concealment requires cooperation by taxpayers and all taxable entities, as it is a shared responsibility that cannot fall upon one side alone. It is a participatory process aimed at strengthening the state’s economy.
    The ARD is fully committed to provide outstanding tax services, in accordance with international best practices and based on the latest systems used in the world. An accurate database of companies operating in the country with the size of their real investment will be established, thus contributing to the overall strengthening of economic security.
    The ARD will make every possible effort to ensure the success of its national role and continuously develop its competencies, based on its belief in the necessity of reducing Afghanistan’s dependence on its national revenues. We are confident that we will help achieve a better economic future for the coming generations; In Sha Allah.
    We call on our Taxpayers that your money will go to Bait-ul-Maal and will be spent for the well being of our countrymen and your volunteer compliance will be the foundation step for the development of our Afghanistan.