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    Afghanistan Revenue Department Call Center

    Now 1000 will connect you with the Revenue General Directorate and answer all your tax questions and problems.
    Deputy Ministry of Customs & Revenue, in order to facilitate and provide better services to traders, companies, and other esteemed taxpayers, has activated two contact numbers in addition to contact number (1000) of Objections review Directorate of Revenue. The taxpayers now can reach to Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) through contact 0745022022 and the clients can reach to Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) through contact 0745033033 to register their complaints for prompt investigation and action upon raised issues on any Revenue offices, Mastofiats and Customs Offices.
    The Taxpayers and clients can be able to reach and register their compliances on time through direct contact with the above-mentioned numbers of ARD, ACD, and to the relevant department and authorities for tracing their problem/s. Their identity will remain confidential and their complaints will be shared directly with the authorities after registration to be processed immediately.