SIGTAS group two module was inaugurated in STO on 26 January, 2016.  Mujibulrahman Shirzad, ARD Director, Mr. Noorullah Habib Acting Director of RSSD, Aminullah Andar, STO Director, ASI consultants, and STO staff were present in the ceremony.

During the ceremony. Mr. Mujibulrahman Shirzad, ARD Director said, “ SIGTAS is one of the most important reform which ARD has been pursuing during the recent years.

“We could successfully lunch and use the group one and we are now delighted to launch the group two in STO” He added. Mr. Shirzad, then thanked all staff who have helped and delivered a  great deal of efforts in the implementation of this system.

Later, Mr. Noorullah Habib Acting Director of RSSD, briefed about the importance of these modules: “This module contain five parts, including tax return assessment(first part), payments and refunds (second part), tax withholding(third part) notices and reminders(fourth part) and entering tax penalties(fifth part), I will do my best for the implementation of SIGTAS group two”, he then added.

At the end, Mr. Aminullah Andar, STO Director asserted that in modern organization, using  technology is considered as an acceptable principle. We are therefore here to inaugurate SIGTAS system group two in STO and according to STO strategic plan, we shall launch SIGTAS group three by the end of 2017 and implement groups one, two and three in 22 tax zones by the end of 2018.  He has also displayed his commitment in implementation and supervision of this system to the best possible level. He then appreciated the great efforts made by SIGTAS sub-directorate staff and instructors in implementation of this system